Immigration to Canada Categories

Immigration to Canada. There are categories. Every Immigration applicant is expected to know the various Canada immigration categories.

This will help you to know the best category that suit you. Applying without knowing the immigration categories might result to declining your application.

More than 60 Canadian immigration programs are available to individuals seeking to immigrate to Canada. Carefully read through this article. Ensuring you select the Canadian immigration category best suited for your circumstances can be overwhelming.

Did you know?

Work and study experience in Canada can be applied towards qualifying for Canadian permanent residency.  In fact, finding a job in Canada will significantly increase your chances of qualifying for Canadian immigration.

Attention: We discovered that most Canada immigrants that got approval are those that have work or study experience. It is advisable you include either work experience or study experience. This will help in approving and considering your application much faster.

Canadian Immigration Categories:

* Federal Skilled Worker
* Business Investor
* Business Entrepreneur
* Provincial Nominee Program
* Canadian Experience Class
* Federal Skilled Trades Class
* Family Class
* Business Self-Employed