Canada Visa Application Requirements

Canada Visa Application Requirements. Canada still remain one of the best country where you can enjoy your life time. Canada offers great opportunities for immigrants who seek for a better standard of living.

Migrating to Canada through Immigration program is everyone’s dream and thousand of applications are been approved annually. Most of them have even gain a Canadian citizenship.

Note: Your immigration visa application could be delayed If you missed vital pieces of information that could expedite the process, however, it is advised you read through this article for better explanations and steps to follow.

Canada Visa Requirement

Below are the lists of requirement you might provide depending on the type of immigration program you choose.
* Two passport photographs
* A valid copy of your passport
* English or French proficiency
* Reputable medical history
* Proof of ties to your home country
* Biometrics may be required

Canada Visa Processing Time

The processing time depends on several factors. Your country of residence, the backlog of applications, the type of application submitted, the accuracy of the submitted data.

As already stated, there are certain things which might delay your immigration visa approval.

Attention: Understanding the visa types offered by the Canadian government will help you in making the right decision. This is where every Canada immigration visa applicants needs to pay good attentions. It is important to know the visa categories.

Canada visas general categories.

Temporary Residence Visa: This category of visa applies to foreigners who wish to stay in Canada on a temporary basis. The following visas fall under Student visa, Visitor visa, Business delegations visa.

Permanent Residence Visa: This applies to foreigners who intend staying in Canada on a permanent basis. The Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Class Experience and the Federal skilled trades program offers permanent residency path through the Express Entry.